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Didn’t fully absorb one or more of the math topics the first time? The Savvy FE Math Guide has got you covered. Buy yourself an Casio FX-115 calculator, and learn how to hack the FE exam. Mathematics are used throughout the FE exam, therefore ensuring your math skills are top notch is essential.

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Calculator Tutorial

Learn to fully utilize the Casio FX-115 calculator.

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All FE Math topics covered, regardless of exam.

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Full set of comprehensive solutions.

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30 days to try and get a refund if you don't like it.

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Email support for getting help when you're stuck.

I just completed the FE exam and want to express my feeling towards teaching methods. The chapter layouts are really effective - having all the question types to expect at the beginning helped me remember what kinds of questions to expect. I got a perfect score on the math!


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